The stories contained here all relate either to the Marvel Universe, and more specifically the X-Men, or to Subreality (a subgenre of comic fandom) in one way or another.


    » Wilderness is a short Gambit & Rogue fic; my first foray into proper fanfic.
    » Games People Play: Introducing Lee Holland to the X-Men. We hope some of them survive.
    [ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Epilogue ]
    » Endless Summer Nights: The prequel to "Games" reveals how Lee met Remy, and what happened next. Incomplete.
    » Practice Makes Perfect: A short, sweet story that relates to The Common People project, and which was a feature story on CFAN (woo!).
    » Colors is another TCP story about a young boy who's not quite ready to give into circumstances.
    » Playing With Fire: Surprise, surprise, Gambit erotica. This story is NC-17 rated for sexual content.
    » Wake-Up Call: This short TCP deals with an unexpected downside to having a cool mutant power.
    » Water: Set in the 'movieverse' of the X-Men movie, Ororo Munroe deals with facing death.
    » Love, Sue: Ever think how cool it would be to know what's going to happen before it does?
    » Stars: A young Scott Summers contemplates his lot in life.
    » Breaking and Entering: The invasion of the mansion from another point of view. Movieverse, based around X2.


    » Don't Do Me Any Favors: a Subreality Café crossover that gives one of my characters a chance to strike back.
    » A Convocation. My second Subreality Café story is something of a minor catharsis, allowing characters I haven't thought of in years to speak up.
    » Reassignment: more metafic, this time introducing my Muse, Tamsin.
    » "Mary Sue" is a filk to the tune of Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue". (Who's Mary Sue? This page should fill you in.)
    » Taking a Breather: in which I try to escape to the Writers' Café for a peaceful night. Yeah, right.
    » Patience: A Back-to-Basics story set in the Subreality Café. Some bitch, some argue, but some understand...
    » I Remember: Tamsin thinks on the vow of silence regarding the Subreality War.
    » Lost & Found: Hutch and Ana explore the dark regions of the sub-basement of the House of Strange Dimensions. This is a bit of continuity repair for the ongoing Christmas Party round-robin at the House.
    » Letting Go: Hutch deals with loss.
    » Saturday Night at the Bronze: Seeking inspiration... among other things.
    » Rambling and Ruminations: A look back at what Subreality is to me.
    » In a Darkened Room: The personal aftermath of Fallen, with intervention from Kielle. Co-written by Kielle.
    » One Door Closes...: Hutch moves out of the House.
    » You Can't Go Home Again: A few years on and a revisitation of old memories.

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