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Hi. I'm Mike. Mike Jenkins. Yeah. Um, pretty close. I'm 15. What am I in here for?

I've got Legacy.

Don't look -- hey, geez, man, don't look at me like that, all right? Like what? Like you're all sorry and sappy and stuff. I mean, it's not like I'm happy about it, but pity isn't gonna change anything.

Yeah, we're sure it's not AIDS. That's what everyone asks first, you know. 'Cause I look normal, sorta? Just pale. That's 'cause I'm a mutant.

Uh-huh. Not like it really makes a difference, I guess. Either way, you hurt a lot and then you die.

Naw, it doesn't hurt right now. Sometimes, but not today. I'm just in here getting tests. The usual stuff.

You know, I kind of almost wish it was AIDS? My mom hates it when I say that. But I think she does too. I mean, they got stuff for AIDS now. An' people don't feel so weird around a kid with AIDS, 'cause he probably got it from a transfusion or something. But no one likes mutants.

Yeah, you're pretty cool. Not like most people. We already had to move once. My dad was kinda upset, 'cause he'd lived there like forever. But people just kept doing stuff. So we had to leave.

Stuff. You know. Graffitti on our house, tires slashed, my bike got ripped off. They got me kicked outta school 'cause they said I was a threat to the other kids' health or somethin' dumb like that.

See, when Legacy gets you, it's s'posed to make your powers go all weird. Like you can't control them and you burn yourself out. But I don't do dangerous stuff. I guess unless you think being able to change the colors of things is dangerous.

See? It's a dumb power. Made art class real easy, though.

There was this one girl who thought it was cool. Suzy Hartmann. But once everyone found out I have Legacy, her folks wouldn't let her even talk to me anymore.

I don't know how people found out. My mom thinks my doctor started it. My old doctor, I mean. Doesn't matter, I guess. It's all over with anyway.

You wanna know what the weirdest thing is? I used to hate school all the time. But after they made me leave, I started missing it. I wanna learn about Legacy so I can be a doctor and help mutant kids like me.

My mom always cries when I tell her that. And my dad tells me that I have to be realistic 'cause I might not live long enough to make it all the way through medical school.

I know all that. I just gotta -- I -- gotta try anyway. Y'know?

Ow --

No, I'm -- I'm okay --

No! Don't call the doctor, I'm --

Dammit! What'd you go 'n do that for?


It hurts. Everything.

I can't see it -- what happened?

Th' colors? Are they...

They keep changin'. Ow.

...not good, is it?

Sorry... sorry about your coat.

Yeah. That feels better.

Um -- did I squeeze your hand too tight?

What'd I -- oh. Sorry.

Here, lemme see if I can fix it.

Just made it worse. Sorry. I'll try again later. Will you be here?

Cool. We can play Tekken II.

(laughter) I'll be fine. I'll see you later.

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