A THOSD fic by Hutch. Credits follow. Kielle may archive, natch; all others please ask permission. Feedback to hutch @, please.

"So why'd you decide to move out of the House?" Rossi asked, leaning on the doorframe.

Hutch paused, one hand on a trunk lid. "Well, it's not that I don't love it here -- I do -- but I'm never in anything lately. I don't have any energy for the round robins. I haven't even written a Subreality story in ages."

"Tell me about it," Tamsin grumbled, reappearing through the temporary Reality portal for another box.

"You shush," the Writer chided him.

"Fine. I'm going out drinking with Frank and Tadgh after this, just so you know."

"That's nice. It'll give me time to work on that one story of yours."

Tamsin gave Hutch a dire look and hefted another box through the portal. Hutch chuckled, turning back to Rossi.

"Okay. Well -- anyway, I love being here, but since I'm not really participating all that much, I feel like I'm taking up space that could be better used by someone else, you know?"

"You're not wasting space, you know that," Rossi replied.

Hutch nodded as she closed the lid of the trunk. Tamsin came through again, glanced around, then picked up the trunk and pushed it through the portal with a grunt. "That everything?" he asked.

The Writers glanced around the turret room. Bare of furnishings and enhancements, it now appeared exactly as large within as without, and would until the next occupant took residence. Hutch gave a little sigh. "It's been a fun couple of years, that's for sure. At least I left my mark with that whole Narnia thing."

Rossi smiled. "Will you come back?"

"Maybe. Who knows? I might need this refuge again." Impulsively, Hutch stepped close to give the Australian Writer a quick hug. "And even if I don't, I'm always just an IM away."

"Good luck," Rossi said.

"You too. Make sure someone deserving gets my room," Hutch told her, grinning, and then she was gone through the portal, Tamsin behind her. It closed after them before Rossi could say goodbye.

Glancing thoughtfully about the room, Rossi murmured, "I will."

Credits: Rossi belongs to herself. Subreality and the House of Strange Dimensions are Kielle's. Tamsin is allegedly mine. ("I heard that!")

No, this doesn't mean I'm leaving Subreality or anything. I just wanted to explain why I'm not living in THOSD anymore. I'm still here even though I haven't been writing much.

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