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Contained herein is a variety of artwork that I have completed. There are a couple of pictures that date back to 1990 or '92, but almost everything in here is much more recent (from about '96 on). I'd also like to note that most of what you'll see in here is done in pen and ink, and coloring is accomplished with Berol Prismacolors or Adobe Photoshop.

NOTE: This archive is made public for the purposes of sharing my artwork with others who enjoy viewing it. It is not meant as a resource or anything of the sort. It is NOT in the public domain. If you wish to use my artwork for any purposes, you must contact me (hutch @ prior to doing so. Thank you.

At this time, I do not take commissions.

Cute little cartoon versions of various characters.
Artwork of my characters, and more, from the RPG.
Dragon Prince Fan Art
Fan art for Melanie Rawn's incredible trilogies.
Dungeons & Dragons
Some of the characters I've created for the original RPG.
ElfQuest types.
An original race of catlike humans (or perhaps they're human-like cats...).
Several characters created for the anime-type RPG.
Gaming figures I've painted over the years.
Anything that didn't fit anywhere else.
Marvel characters, my own creations, and more.
Omega Squadron
A team based on Science Ninja Team Gatchaman's concept.
More art of my primary MUSH character, Cellia, than anyone might ever want to see.
Drawings of real people (mostly).
Real Pictures
Various photographs.
Star Wars
Characters from the RPG, commissions, and more.
World of Darkness
Artwork related to characters created for Vampire: the Masquerade, Werewolf, and more.

All trademarks, copyrights, etc., should be considered to be held. I am not making money off this and don't expect anyone else to. All artwork, unless otherwise noted, is © 1992-2016 Pamela Thalner and was drawn, inked, and colored by me. I update infrequently: check What's New if you're a regular visitor.

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