Dragon Prince Fan Art

The pictures here were drawn as part of a Melanie Rawn bulletin board and RPG on which I used to play, back on *Prodigy in 1994 (at least until I got cut off for not paying my bill). I drew quite a few of the game's major and minor characters, with the intentions of copying them and sending them out to the players. While the drawings and the copies were made, I never finished the last step (sending them), something I continue to regret today. I finally dug the pictures out and decided to scan them; if any of the players happen across this, I'd like to offer my apologies and the chance to compensate what was paid for the pictures and copies.

Not included here are a couple of my characters, Maisri and Orinar, the twins who were at Skybowl. Various other characters are also not included, because for whatever reason I never drew them. I really wish I had more of the threads archived, but oh well.

I did do some little sketches of what I thought the book characters looked like. I'm rather bleh about these sketches now, but I thought I'd put them here for posterity.

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