Gaming Miniatures

I've been painting miniatures for almost as long as I've been playing role-playing games -- which is to say, since I was twelve years old. There have been major gaps in my times of painting, though; I received my first set, some Dragonlance characters, when I first got into role-playing, but didn't pick it up again until college, which was also when I began playing Shadowrun. Since then, my interest tends to wax and wane, and I go through periods of intense painting until my interest shifts elsewhere.

Shown here is a collection of all the figures I own. Most of them were painted by me, but a few were gifts from friends. Many were chosen and painted specifically to resemble RPG characters; others, simply because I liked the sculpts. Even though I don't currently play any tabletop games, I still love painting and have a tremendous backlog of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and fantasy figures to work on.

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