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I don't remember when I first became obsessed with My Little Ponies, but I must have been around 10 or 11, since that was about when they first started coming out. My favorite pony was always Glory. I think it was the fact that she was a unicorn, combined with her striking color combination and her gentle expression, that got to me; when the baby ponies first came out, I absolutely had to get Baby Glory. I drew the ponies on every available surface and remember whining about wanting some in Toys 'R' Us.

Unfortunately, my collection didn't expand much beyond those first few (I ended up with a grand total of around 15 original ponies) as I moved out of the MLP phase. However, I was scandalized -- and quite upset -- when my mother took some of my ponies, including Sundance and Bow-Tie, and sent them off to my young cousins. Though she now denies doing this, I have no other explanation for why I have a Megan but not a Sundance, and all of Baby Moondancer's accessories but no Baby Moondancer.

At any rate, it was sometime in 2005 that I began to be interested in ponies again. I had seen some vague mentions of collectors online (mostly in reference to crazy arguments), and had spotted the new ponies here and there, but it wasn't until the day that, rather randomly in the grocery store, I picked up Merriweather and thought "why not?" that the pull made itself felt once again. I only intended to get one, and this one because of her name's resemblance to one Meriadoc Brandybuck...

Now, of course, I'm in full collector's mode. It's actually quite a lot of fun -- if a little embarrassing. While I don't know that I truly fall into the "need to have it ALL" collector category, I am having fun rediscovering one of my favorite childhood obsessions -- and trying my hand at designing custom ponies of my own.

The pictures on these pages began (and continue) because I wanted a visual record of my collection. When I first recovered my original ponies, I couldn't remember the names, and I find it hard to keep track of the new ones; this is a way to keep track of my collection without resorting to constant searches at collector websites. The pages are, by nature, graphic-intense.

these pages last updated on 10 november 2007