Some of my most frequently visited sites.

» Dream Valley is simply the best place to find information about My Little Ponies on the web. With detailed information about every series of pony from the 1980s through today, checklists, and even descriptions of the commercials, it's simply the place to be.
» My Little Pony Arena, a friendly and active forum for MLP enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. (I hang out there as GloryGeekGirl.)
» My Little Pony Trading Post. Another active message board.
» Aikarin makes some of the most beautiful customs I've ever seen.
» My Little Pony Fair, a huge annual event.
» Ponytopia, a great, well-organized site that focuses exclusively on G3s.
» LauraLand. More gorgeous customs.
» lolponys. It might be better not to ask.

this page last updated on 10 july 2008