Name: Jezhrai Wynlen
Game: CrystalMUSH
Position: Member of the Heptite Guild, Crystal Singer, graduate of the Class of 2020.
Pictures: Not available.
Family: Husband, Luthe (sled technician on Ballybran).

Appearance (to enhanced vision)

'Tiny' is a good word to describe this woman, whose appearance places her in her mid-twenties. Her limbs are slender and her body petite; she looks as if a strong wind might knock her over. A wealth of bright blond hair, shining almost white to your vision, cascades around her face in gentle waves, reaching to her mid-back. Huge turquoise eyes sparkle, set deeply in a fine-boned face, with high cheekbones, a full lower lip, and a slightly tip-tilted nose making her definitely 'cute'.

Jezhrai wears a standard one-piece coverall, colored a deep, rich burgundy whose texture seems to caress the eyes. The color enhances the pale pearlescence of her skin. The legs of the suit are tucked into calf-high black boots. She wears black simleather gloves to protect her hands, and her hair is pulled back into a thick French braid, held with a matching scrunchy. Around her neck, Jezhrai wears a necklace. Some sort of blue cloth is braided together to form a thick chain, and if one were to touch it, they would find it smooth and soft. Hanging from the chain in a net of similar material is a dark white crystal, thumb-sized and egg-shaped. The crystal catches the noises of the room, returning them as soft music to her ears.

Jezhrai is smiling genially.

If you happen to be very close to Jezhrai, the fine hairs on your arms stand on end, but Jezhrai doesn't appear to notice anything.
Jezhrai's Crystal Cutter
DataPad for Jezhrai(#8718Os$)
Etched Gold and White Crystal Ring


Jezhrai Wynlen spent most of her early years on Hesperia, where she was born and raised. Noted for her talent as a guitarist, she eventually won a scholarship to a prominent musical school. Against the wishes of her mother, she accepted and travelled offplanet, studying and developing her talent. Her vocal abilities were remarked upon, but for reasons of her own, she chose not to study in that area.

An unknown reason made her decide to suddenly give up her studies. For several months, she was unheard from by any friends or family. Eventually, however, she reappeared, on Shankill Moon Base. Apparently, having overheard a discussion of Ballybran crystal and its unique properties, she had decided to pursue a new career in the Heptite Guild.

Jezhrai was accepted into the recruit class of 2020, and adapted as a Crystal Singer following her fairly uneventful time as a recruit. She came out of her quiet shell to some extent, encouraged by her classmates. She has also developed a quiet, but long-standing relationship with the sledtech Luthe - which was recently sealed by the permanent vows of marriage. Jezhrai's first love is crystal, though, and even if she is not as sharp-tongued as some Singers, she can be as single-minded in her pursuit of the song.

Jezhrai's wedding ring

Luthe has put his skills with constructing things to a new use, it appears. This ring probably started life as a simple golden band, but it has been changed a lot since then. The narrow band is decorated with delicated etchings, mostly non-symbolic. However, if you look closely, you will find that there are ancient symbols of love worked into the design, and script forms of the letters 'L' and 'J'. Finally, on the top of the ring is the crystal. Luthe must of bought the shard off of a singer, then delicately shaped it in his workshop. It is a small piece of pure white, tuned to a high 'C'. It echoes this note in harmony with the sounds around it, very quietly. The sound is almost haunting, and the feeling of the ring when the crystal is vibrating is quite pleasant.


[ 10/17/1996 ] Quinn and Luthe tease Jezhrai.


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