All Kinds Of Links

These are a variety of links to pages that I frequent or used to frequent on the Web. As of 6 January 2005, I have gone through and removed all defunct ones, or updated if new links were provided, so you should now be able to get to everything here.

  • Music Stuff, since I don't have an official music links page anymore.
      » The Official Def Leppard Website. Lep rules.
      » Frenz of the Enz is a great resource for all things Split Enz, Finn, and Crowded House.
      » They're still one of the best bands in the world, if not the best, and I love them as much as I did in 1987.
      » Harem Scarem: all about one of the best hard-rock groups around.
      », or as I like to call him, Peeeeeeeeeeeeete! (Pete's a founding member of Harem Scarem.)
      » Live Sex Show, Darren Smith and Mike Gionet's band. Two more of the founding members of HS, though these guys are no longer in the band. Now Harry just needs to get hisself a page.
      » Europe. The guys who became famous with "The Final Countdown" are back and better than ever.
  • Buffy Links: For the Slayer in you.
      », a comprehensive episode guide and much more. The best source of summaries and information.
      » The Sunnydale Slayers (SunS). Homepage of a Buffy mailing list; home to quote lists, ep summaries, and excellent fanfic.
      » The Less Than Legendary Journeys is a site for Hercules: the Legendary Journeys and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic, handily combining two of my favorite shows. (If you read nothing else, read "When Hellmouths Collide".)
  • Random Links: URLs I picked up from here and there.
  • Online Comic Strips:
      » Sluggy Freelance is not just neat, it's nifty. Become an addict.
      » Kevin & Kell has cute animals whose adventures eerily resemble those of those strange creatures known as Humans.
      » PVP Online: Geeks working for a computer magazine. Throw in a troll named Skull and you're set.
      » Sinfest: Sharp and witty, occasionally cute, even in-depth: but don't tell Tatsuya I said that.
      » Dork Tower is a great strip for tabletop gamers like myself.
      » 8-bit Theater picks on everything, despite its basis in the very first Final Fantasy game.
      » Scary Go Round is a pretty odd little trip.
      » Shlock Mercenary. Weirdos in space.
      » It's Walky. Lots of sci-fi and drama disguised as a cute strip about college roommates.
      » Penny & Aggie. Best enemies (and fantastic art).
      » Flintlocke lays waste to the world of Azeroth one panel at a time.
  • ElfQuest/TwoMoons Pages.
  • PernMUSH Pages.

this page last updated on 3 october 2007