Once upon a time, I dreamed of being a famous rock star. In partial preparation for this goal, I began scribbling a list of thanks I'd like to have put on the sleeve of an album or CD booklet. Though my dream never materialized, I still have the list, and have decided to post it here - as a testament to those who have helped me or influenced my life. I add to it on an irregular basis as I continue to come across amazing people.

Thanks go to:

My parents and brother, for loving me in spite of everything. Michelle "Dizzy Baggage" Rakovan, Trevor "Treka" Sell (where are you now?), and T.F. J'ohn Michnay. Mr. Davis, the A Cappella Choir, Mr. Cho, MF, Mr. Crum; Jeremy, Pete; Tim Cottom. Tara Schafer, Craig, and all the rest of the outcasts. Boll; Lara, Matt & Scott Hoffman; Matt Dunaway; Keren Woods; Lorie Davis (Hellraisers!); Tracein "Mokey" Ditchen, for my sanity. James, for helping me to grow up. Emily, for being my friend to this day; Patty, Aaron, Sean Jones. Ian, Bob, Bob and Chris - HeadFirst! Big Kel, Matt Buchanan, Little Kel, Ken, Chris, John, Knight, and all my friends from college and the Athens Wargamers, especially Chad "No justice! No f*cking justice!" Taylor, as well as the OU Animation Club. Mike Sonby, a great friend/teammate (Kilroy lives!). Chris, Denson, Brian Keith, Amy, Brian Scott, Brandon, Andy, Matt (Malkavian logic) Resitarits, Matt (human blender?) Barnes, Good Ken, Evil Ken, Kat, Scott, Big Erik, Joan (the mean Bunny Boss), all at Citadel, Craig Mercer. The Animaniacs; Joel & the bots; Nic Vitori. Tia & Mary - bestest special peoples - you owe me a case! Jen (fruitcake), Paul (Blackfern); Jaime Kimpton, Ceci, Gail, Chris Burke, and all my other penpals over the years, especially Maura and endless art exchanges and world-building. James, Matt, Jason, and Greg for a year of Internet fun and inter-office deathmatches. To Eric, for putting up with me and helping me grow. To Kielle, for (however unwittingly) encouraging me to write; to Cat and Andy, for the account. To Cera, for inspiring Seven Days and for letting me steal her stolen code; to Cameron, Paula/Alea/Alane/Raimi, K'nder (especially you, sir), Rhythana, Jasmyn, Julanna, Tika, and more net.friends. To Marla, James, Bev, David, Fred, Jay (Captain Kirk), Phyllis, Steve, Cindy, Elaine, Greg, Kim, Michelle, Tim, Pat, Bonnie, Julie, Lisa, Donna, June, Debi, Brenda, and many other IRS compadres. To Trisha Lynn (karaoke in hot tubs), Laersyn, Dande, Chandri & Lise, Pebbs & Sparks, David, Ashlan, J.B., Falstaff -- the entire Subrealicon crew. And to Rossigal, Farli, Ana, Raven, Rowan (big bro), Tracy Sue, Joannie, Seraph, Eponananana, Indigo, and all the comic fanficcers: y'all rule. To Dana (my BFF and heterosexual life partner), Alex, Jodi, and Sammie, who keep me sane in an insane world; to Scott, for being a great friend; to Suzanne, Cathy, Maggie, Sarah, and my friends list for my daily dose of teenie fun. To Lizi, Lacie, Marley, Kiri, and a host of other wonderful FFXV friends; to Phi in particular for leaving me amazing comments on fic and then becoming a downright awesome fandom friend. To the Eorzean Sushi Bar FC on Sargatanas. Y'all weird.

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