While idly poking through my webpage recently, I came across the old picture of my RPG characters which I'd done for my character folder, and I decided to do a new version, since my artwork has improved since I did that one, and many of the characters have changed as well. This one encompasses approximately the same group of people. I'm really quite pleased with how they all came out (with the exception of Jesse Baer's patch; I should have waited to draw that one until I'd seen the seventh season of Buffy).

Top Row: Jonathan Chance (Cyberpunk), Jesse "Patch" Baer (Cyberpunk), Thorn Starsworn (D&D), Michael Daughnessy (Vampire)
Second Row: Kitty Wynters (Mekton) (both are Kitty; the one on the left is from a later timeline in the game), Himiko Metsumi (Mekton), Leilanna Starsworn (D&D), Ashlen Starsworn (D&D), Omara (D&D)
Third Row: Marx, Tigreer, and Daman (MSH, GURPS), Reet Al'Ruva (Star Wars), Neophyte (GURPS), Serafina Brushgather (3rd edition AD&D); below Reet is Solstice (Champions)
Fourth Row: Channa Two Rivers (Cyberpunk), Lee Holland (MSH), Kirin Deepwater (Star Wars), Firebrand (GURPS)
Fifth Row: Jazmer (Shadowrun, Cyberpunk), Elizia Moon (Cyberpunk), Solitaire (MSH), Kellagra Di'Mhor (Star Wars), Ghost (Shadowrun, Cyberpunk)