This document is a general introduction to Sanctuary, the primary personnel who administer the facility, and a brief history thereof. © Colm MacKenzie, 1998.

Leader/General Administration: Tigreer
Aides and assistants: Marx, D'jamena, Elynxeta, Daman
Head of Medical Facility: Jecille
Medical Assistants: Pumi, Chertae, Siam, Marx, Cheeteyrii
Healers: Jecille, Pumi, Siam, Littlefoot, Brightspot, Shaia, Lynkari
Head of Childcare: T'Karee
Childcare Assistants: Cheeterna, Lionessa, Jade
"Warchief", Head of Training: Daman
Training Assistants: Leanni, Symeron, Tigris, Charé, Panthrah-fé, Shadari, Blade, Robert Dakkar
Maintenance: Tailchaser, Firehair, D'jamena, Tey
Housekeeping: Alyxienda
Education, Archives: Cordelai
Records: Mischia
Animal Care: Ten, Tigreer
East Coast Safehouse: China
Midwest Safehouse: Fireblast, Catherine Mazur
West Coast Safehouse: Taifun
Computer Systems: D'jamena

For years, Felids had lived in obscurity, fear, and persecution. The need was felt to create a haven for the race; so, in 1990, Sanctuary was founded by Tigreer and a handful of Cats which included Marx, Daman, D'jamena, D'Chirico, Caroshi, Symeron, and others. Since that time, it has grown from a tiny fortress to a sizable facility. Aside from the initial purpose, the quartering of Felids, Sanctuary includes a high-tech medical facility to rival any human hospital, training rooms complete with holograms and robots, conference rooms, childcare, education, and leisure facilities. The structure covers nearly three-quarters of a mile on the surface alone, not counting outlying areas for farming, animal breeding, and power stations. Dormitories and other living quarters are located inside the adjacent hill, with enough space to house up to three hundred.

The idea for Sanctuary began as an idle daydream of Tigreer's; although she fully espoused the dream of Professor Charles Xavier, she couldn't see the easy integration of what was fast becoming an entire new race on the Earth. Her dream of a haven for Felids, and even for anyone who felt lost or persecuted, was supported by her husband Marx and lover Daman. Soon, Tigreer had the support and systems necessary to create a small home for the Felids who followed her. As word spread on underground channels, it became evident that a much larger facility than initially planned would be necessary. Tigreer enlisted the help of friends, both mutant and human, who could be trusted, to create the home now known as Sanctuary.

Liam Munroe, an engineer with mutant abilities of creation, designed and oversaw much of the construction of Sanctuary. The actual work was done by the Felids themselves, who threw themselves into the project with pride. Tailchaser worked closely with Liam to refine security systems and make sure that the programs would work for years to come, easily enough for a child to use yet sophisticated enough to maintain themselves. Every aspect of possibility was taken into consideration, including the fact that Sanctuary would by necessity be isolated from the world. The location, in the foothills of the Rockies in Colorado, is close enough to some form of civilization in case of emergency, yet far enough away that the haven would be difficult to discover by chance. The land surrounding is government-owned and left to itself, insuring almost total privacy. As for flyovers, casual glances make it appear to be just a retreat for some wealthy human.

On the surface, Sanctuary boasts an Olympic-sized pool, basketball and tennis courts, an administration building, an indoor gymnasium, and stables. The land also includes several acres for small herds of cattle, sheep, and goats. The roof of the gym doubles as a helicopter pad, and concealed in a nearby hill is a hangar. The land and all matériel was purchased with the donations of Tigreer's trust fund and the wealth of some of the resident Cats. None was forced to relinquishing their money; although Sanctuary lives on a commune-like basis, it doesn't ask residents to give up their 'worldly goods' unless they so desire.

The buildings, courts, etc., are surrounded by a wall whose security systems were, again, designed by Munroe. Guards are not usually necessary, and the wall has a repulsion field which extends into the air for five hundred feet. Although this obviously allows for aerial entry, further security defends the sub-levels. There are several entrances located around the grounds which lead below, and drills ensure that even the youngest child can reach safety in time to seal the hatches behind them. Sanctuary's founders were, of a necessity, wary of their possible discovery. One day, perhaps, such living will not even be thinkable; but for now, the bloodthirsty ways of American society demand these measures.

Sanctuary's medical facility is headed up by Jecille. Her strong medical background and managerial skills placed her quickly in charge of the medbay. With the aid of such healers and medics as Pumi, Siam, Lynkari, Brightspot, and Littlefoot, among others, she tends to the wounded and ill, as well as any other conceivable medical or psychological problem. Incidentally, to prevent conflict or jealousy between the staff, all medics are referred to as "Healers", regardless of whether they actually carry a healing talent. This serves to bridge the gap between patient and medic and bring the community closer. Medical supplies are shipped by contacts in the industry, paid for again by the pooled fund which paved the way for Sanctuary.

Training and battle falls to Daman. Like Jecille, he works with a staff which includes Leanni, Symeron, Panthrah-Fé, Charé, and more. These Cats teach classes in specific subjects: Leanni is an expert in all firearms; Panthrah-Fé is considered the Staffmaster; and so on. It should be noted that these classes are far from compulsory; although any who wish to learn are accepted, no one is forced. Many of the Cats simply wish to live their lives in peace, Dancée, Allandra, and Kitera being typical examples. For those with more aggressive tendencies, however, training is available. In the event of attack, the Felids will be prepared.

Squads are formed when news of an enemy is heard, or when a new, previously unknown Cat is learned of through Marx or outside channels. Tigreer often leads the searches for new Felids, having brought the majority of the population to Sanctuary. She offers the possibility, never cajoling or forcing, and as often as not, the new-found Felid declines.

At this point, some mention should be made of the naming ceremony undergone by almost every Felid. Some of the founding Cats had already chosen nicknames or tags due to superhero activity. It was Mischia's idea to have every Felid rename themself as a symbol of severing their human ties. The idea quickly caught on, and before long, everyone had chosen new, usually race-specific names. Although a few had the notion to make a full-blown ceremony out of this, naming usually consists of the choosing of the name and its subsequent reporting to Mischia. She keeps up-to-date records of all living within Sanctuary's walls, and also records each name on a small marble obelisk which stands in the center of the outer residential courtyard.

As part of the food program, Sanctuary keeps small herds of cattle, sheep, and swine. The animals, which also include horses and various domesticated dogs and cats, are looked over by Wilyten and Tigreer. Since healers' skills work as well on animal as Felid or human, there is rarely, if ever, need for a veterinarian to be called. Food for the animals is provided through the hydroponic gardens and a small field of grain, shared by all residents of Sanctuary. The animals are kept in barns and a stable just outside Sanctuary's walls, and by day, roam a sizable paddock area.

Housekeeping for Sanctuary is maintained primarily by Alyxienda, with the assistance of Panthaer. Besides the upkeep of bathrooms and general cleanliness, housekeeping also maintains laundry, kitchen cleaning, and so forth. Individual rooms are required to be kept clean by their residents, however.

Sanctuary also has a small childcare facility. Though there are not many children at this point, there are enough that some form of care needed to be provided. T'Karee is in overall charge of childcare; her education background and love of children makes the job enjoyable for her. Cordelai, the resident archivist and librarian, runs the educational side of childcare. So far, the ratio of child to teacher is small enough that one educator is not a problem; as further Felids join or are born, however, training of more teachers will undoubtedly ensue. Cordelai also does research into the history of Homo felidae, working to discover the race's roots. In addition, she coordinates tutoring and adult education for those Felids whose upbringing prevented attendance of public schooling or other necessary education.

The maintenance of Sanctuary's electronics, buildings, and equipment is run jointly by Tailchaser, Tiem, Firehair, and D'jamena. These mechanically- and electronically-inclined Cats are able to oversee construction, rebuilding, and so forth, from installing lightbulbs to repairing planes, cars, and major chunks of computers. Although we try not to compare jobs to others, considering every job as equally important to the running of Sanctuary, it is true that much would be lost without this quartet of able-minded Felids.

Security should be mentioned; although the active systems designed by Munroe and Tailchaser are still in place and running, guards are occasionally placed along the perimeter in emergency situations. For the most part, though, long-term scanners and so forth will detect intruders long before they are close enough to cause trouble. As noted above, emergency drills are regularly run to insure the safety of every Cat.

The administration of Sanctuary is overseen by Tigreer, who is still seen by most as the leader and, some say, savior of the Felids. Tigreer makes the decisions from budgets to shopping lists. She is often called upon to settle disagreements and break up fights, but for the most part she works behind the scenes, ensuring the peace and happiness of the residents of Sanctuary.

Some other notes should be mentioned. Energy systems are primarily natural: hydroelectricity provided by a close-by rapids/waterfalls area, solar energy through the many solar panels mounted on the hills and camoflaged with holograms, wind energy (though this by necessity is small), and even a new, if small, geothermal tap. The reasoning behind these methods is twofold: one, in order that wasteful energy is not used; and two, so that casual scanning would not pick up on anything suspicious. The varied energy systems provide light, heat, running water, and all other necessities of civilized life.

Recycling is also a natural must in Sanctuary. All recyclable materials are collected and, every two weeks, taken to a local site. Most all the Cats feel a natural affinity for the Earth and wish to preserve it.

Martial Arts: Robert Dakkar
Swords: Shadari, Symeron, Blade
Firearms: Leanni (also knives)
General Team Training: Daman
Staves: Panthrah-Fé
Unarmed Combat: Tigris, Charé
Self-Defense: Tigris

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