The Wingriders

The Wingriders are a unique group of Mythologican elves who are similar to the other tribes in every outer aspect but one: each member of the tribe sports a pair of birdlike wings which sprout from the shoulderblades. No one knows the truth of how the Wingriders became winged, but legends say they were a gift from Danicala. The wings are strong enough to provide aerial support for the elves, so that they can truly fly. The elves are also light-boned in the fashion of birds.

The tribe makes its home in an island aerie, in the foothills of the mountains where the Dragonriders live. The Wingriders' home is a tall, rounded island, rocky and steep on one side, that was once a hill before the wide river split around it. The rocky side has most of the entrances to the aerie, with as many high in the air as are close to the ground. The island slopes gently on its eastern side, covered there with luxurious plant growth.

The island aerie is riddled with tunnels, caverns, and cubbyholes, making it a maze for anyone who doesn't live there. The outer 'ground' entrances (or, more accurately, river entrances) are laced with deadfalls and traps to prevent predators from gaining entrance.

Wingrider society is not exactly formal. Breeze is their chieftess, but she leads with love and respect rather than intimidation. There are certain 'roles' in the tribe, such as hunters, tanners, and so forth, but an elf can change his or her mind about their role whenever they please, should they become bored with their current career.

Magic in the tribe is low-key; there are some stone-shapers and a few healers, but since the tribe is well-established in their home and have few natural enemies, they do not require a lot of active magic. Treeshaping is a forgotten talent for them. However, there is one special magic that seems to be unique to the Wingriders: weather-seeing. A kind of precognitive talent linked specifically to the weather patterns, it gives the elves of the tribe the ability to predict the weather for several days in advance. Generally, this occurs to a low degree with almost every Wingrider, but some of them will receive the talent in greater doses. It is also said that some Wingriders have had the talent so sharply that they could see all of the future, not just that pertaining to weather, but such a power has not been seen for many generations.

The Wingriders bond with hunting birds, such as falcons, hawks, and eagles. The birds are their companions rather than pets, though the elves enjoy closer bonds than that of a falconer to his birds. Weapons for the tribe include the javelin or spear, bow, claw-whip, and talon-gloves.

Generally, there are about thirty to forty elves in the tribe at any given time. The birth and death rates are low; new Wingriders are rarely born out of Recognition, but it has been known to happen. They refer to their children as 'hatchlings' until adolescence. A young Wingrider will go on a quest for his or her soulname, and often will take a new, adult name at this time.

So far, the Wingriders are unknown to the rest of the Mythologican Elves, save the Dragonriders; however, with the advent of the Dragonriders' contact with the Elves of Great Holt, that is all about to change.

Recently, a small group of Wingriders broke away from the rest of the tribe, due to overcrowding, and settled a new colony, known now as Windriders; this group includes Thunder and Skyfire. They have gone with the blessings of Breeze and the other tribal elders.

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