Lighteyes Artwork

Artwork herein consists of my primary elf character, Lighteyes, in her various incarnations. She was originally created as an elf version of me by a school friend; I wrote some unfinished fanfic with her and Darkwater, in which she was a fringe member of the Blackneck Elves. In this setting, Lighteyes, who came to stay with the tribe after her parents were killed, fell in love with Darkwater, but Recognized Staghunter and bore his child, Silverwind. Despite this, she and Darkwater remained true to each other, and they eventually left the tribe, with Silverwind, to seek out relatives of her parents. Alternate versions of Lighteyes have appeared on TwoMoonsMUSH and in a roleplaying game run by my friend Mary-Justine; we also co-wrote some stories in which she was introduced into the world of Mythologica.

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