Name: T'lis
Game: Ierne Island MUSH
Position: Bronzerider at Ierne Island Weyr
Pictures: Four pictures on the Miscellaneous Page.
Family: Parents; cousin, Everin, and his mother and father (T'lis's aunt and uncle)


This lad, apparently about nineteen Turns in age, has finally fulfilled the promise of his long bones and lanky limbs. He moves with the easy confidence of one who is comfortable in his body. Though he is thin, he seems far from fragile; an inner toughness is projected in his bright green eyes. His long, square face is mobile and expressive, with a wide mouth that is usually set in a smile. A leather headband tied around his forehead keeps back pale orangey hair, bleached almost blond by the sun.
T'lis wears an outfit of wherhide leathers that have seen enough use to be comfortably broken in. The jacket hangs open to reveal a sisal tunic, off-white in hue and belted with a strip of leather whose silvery-brass buckle is shaped like a dragon in flight. On his shoulder is pinned a knot of grey, black, and blue, threaded through with bronze to denote the color of his lifemate. His jacket also bears a patch that shows him to be the Wingleader of the Fire Wing at Ierne Weyr.


Originally from Big Bay Hold, Tellis, an only child, grew up with a love for runners and animals in general, and decided eventually to become a Beastcrafter like his father. Fate had other plans for him, though, and he was searched to stand at a Hatching of Ista's, along with his cousin, Everin. Tellis, left on the stands, was later sent to Ierne Weyr for their first clutch. It was there that he impressed Silvered Bronze Helioth and became the rider T'lis.


His is the amber sheen of unforged metal, raw silver and gold chased over his hide. The bronze whorls begin at his eyeridges and map their way, traced as carefully as if by an artisan's brush, dappling to the tip of his tail. Refinement has come with age, though his youthful gaze still gleams the promise, now fulfilled, of quick mind and loving heart. The edges of him still seem rough, though his hide is as smooth and warm as any dragon could hope for, seeming almost to shine as if lit from within.

Egg description

A large, plain dun brown egg whose only distinguishing feature is a tan blot which resembles a tree.

Impression message

Helioth's voice is eager but young, the tenor of a harper whose voice just changed a week ago and still might squeak occasionally. He can't wait to explore the world with T'lis, his rider.


Symmetrical with Shiraeth first letter-wise. Recommended by Jaye.


A boy scout. Lennier in his first few months at Babylon 5. A wide-eyed innocent happy to look around this new world and learn to live in it.


Rillin: The little blue firelizard is slender in his lines, sleek in his attitude, and dark of hide, with eyes that sparkle like jewels from below his eyeridges. His bearing is prim and proper. The little blue's neck is banded in the colors of Ierne Weyr.


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