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Ah yes, that lovely waste of time and money for kids of all ages. I started in 6th grade playing D&D with a group of guys (setting a trend for all time -- and yes, I have been playing since I was 12). After that I didn't get to game again until college, when some friends and I became interested in Shadowrun and started our own little gaming group. Then I diversified into Vampire, Werewolf, Cyberpunk, Marvel, Star Wars, and GURPS... with the occasional AD&D session. My last forays into roleplaying were with AD&D 3rd Edition, Star Wars, and 7th Sea; currently, I'm playing D&D 5e online thanks to Roll20.



» JAZMER, an elven Rockergirl, was my first character. Standing at about 6'2" and looking like a strong wind could knock her over, Jazmer had long, straight black hair, usually tied back in a long braid, with thick bangs all but hiding her eyes. Jazmer did more fighting than gigging, but she managed to hit the stage once in a while for some memorable Seattle gigs. Unfortunately, while fighting the Universal Brotherhood, she was killed by the pet of an insect shaman. Jazmer was later resurrected for a Cyberpunk game.

» DAVE was a Street Samurai. Her full name was Davinaterra Quiñones, and as you may have guessed, she was Hispanic. Average sized, with an athletic build, she had a mane of black curls that never stayed where it was supposed to. Dave lasted for a few games, but then got caught in the crossfire. As I never really got to develop a personality for her, I considered recycling her for Cyberpunk.

» DEVON McALLISTER, also a Street Samurai, was the only one of my Shadowrun characters to survive to date. Her tag was 'Ghost' for the way she could be so quiet and demure, seeming to fade into the background until it came time to strike. She's a human woman whose parents were killed by a street gang of elves. Feeling pity for the little girl, the gang's leader gave her to his best friend to raise her. Devon grew up in a surprisingly caring household, and ended up falling in love with the son of her foster-father - and having a son with him. She's also been recycled for Cyberpunk with somewhat of a similar history.


» JAZMER, as seen above, was recycled from a Shadowrun character. She remained a Rockergirl, though she was forced to lose the Elven heritage (one incarnation of her has had bio-sculpted elf ears, but I decided to drop that). Jazmer and a friend, Styx (my friend Emily's character), were abruptly forced to leave Seattle, and ended up in New York; that was their first adventure, under the GMing of a man named Chad Taylor (who made famous the line, "No justice! No f*cking justice!" when PCs survived adventures). Later, Jazmer was brought into a Cyberpunk campaign run by Eric. She's gained a few years and some wisdom, and become something of a mysterious, enigmatic creature. Her music is a blend of cyberpop and raditional rock and roll. Jazmer has also become the companion of Daniel Stele, the CEO of Pegasus Group - also a fixer who goes by the handle of 'Coyote'. The relationship is totally on her terms, however; she'll drop into town without notice and leave just as suddenly. A more detailed history can be found here.

» CHANNA TWO RIVERS is probably my most developed Cyberpunk character. Created for a campaign called 'Detonation Boulevard' (points for placing the name), she is a Native American (Amerind) who has spent quite a bit of time learning the finer points of how to sew people back together. Among other things. She comes from a large family, most of whom travel with a nomadic pack called the Starwolves. Her twin sister, Kendra, has begun tagging along with her on adventures recently. Channa is the kind of person who holds honesty and loyalty in high stead - something you don't find very many people doing in 2020. Once the personal surgeon to Maximillian Taltos, a big-name fixer in Night City, she now works out of Miami, Florida, with her husband, Ryn Wynters. They run a small agency which helps folks in need. Together, they are raising Ryn's four-year-old son, Danny, and preparing for the birth of their twins. She has a detailed history here.

» GHOST: Devon's also been recycled for Cyberpunk, though she retained most of her history.

» ELIZIA MOON was created for Eric's 'In the Name of Love' campaign. She's a media: specifically a journalist. Aside from everyday reporting, she also writes rambling essays, usually about some of the weirder things that have happened to her. Elizia knew Coyote when he was still a low-level fixer; she's even helped to take care of some of the bio-engineered animals created by his wife, Dr. Ragnara Tiersdatter. Elizia is currently living with Josh Rybolt, of popular Miami band the Bolters, and raising their son, Lennon, with the aid of a couple of bio-bunnies. (Don't ask.)

» BLACK ANGEL, real name Morwenna Dawson. Created for a black-ops team in a one-scenario adventure run by Chad. She's a straight-out shooter, fairly fun to play.

» JONATHAN CHANCE. Jon is a Rockerboy, truly idealistic and just a wee bit naive. For you Styx fanatics, I blatantly stole him from the Kilroy Was Here record.

» JESSE "PATCH" BAER is a Warrior of the Starwolf Pack. He's a true Nomad and holds the Pack dear to his heart, although he has gone "wilding" from time to time and explored cities. Recently, he went on a mission of revenge: after a fixer in Night City sold guns to some Raffen Shiv (read: Nomads gone way, way bad) that proceeded to tear up a pack-train of Starwolves, Jesse and several of his friends decided that they weren't going to stand for this. Unfortunately, the group's fixer started going nuts on cyberware and killed a potential witness; then Jesse got distracted when a stripper took an intense interest in him - only to set him up for an attack that ended up with him losing an eye. Turned out she was an ex-friend of his whom he had caused to lose an eye in an accident years ago.

» JAIME KINCAID was created for a campaign that lasted exactly one session. She's a techie with a full background.


» KITTY WYNTERS is the youngest child of Channa and Ryn Wynters (sound familiar?). The Mekton campaign takes place 16 years after Eric's Cyberpunk campaign. Kitty is a squadron flyer, under the command of Anavel Gato (Craig's character), and ultimately, under that of her brother, Crow (Danny). She's outspoken and volatile, with a temper that's usually just barely in check -- much unlike her twin brother, Stephen.

» HIMIKO METSUMI is a 17-year-old cadet in a Mekton campaign run by Craig Mercer. She's still somewhat undeveloped, as I haven't played her very much, but aside from her intense desire for revenge on the evil Tekshu (a technology oriented race that is trying to take over Earthspace), she's basically a quiet, sweet girl.


» IMAGERIE, also known as Lee Holland, was made up as a character many, many years ago. She started off as a member of the X-Men in some seriously bad fanfic (hey, I was in 6th grade!). Her power is pretty straightforward: she creates holograms, realistic looking in the extreme. Eventually, she'll be able to make them solid, but for now, that's it. (I know, "Ain't that enough?") Lee was later re-created for some college games of MSH when she became involved with a group of mutants in Florida. They called themselves the Bloodhawks. Time passed, and at some point, the group dissolved. It was not until 1998 that Lee met up with them again. By now, the Mutant Registration Act was in effect across America. Small havens of safety had been created here and there for mutants who did not wish to be registered. One such was known as the Arcology. While some folks from the Arcology were exploring an abandoned Mutant Liberation Front base, they found Lee there, unconscious. She couldn't remember how she'd arrived there, but when she discovered that they were looking for Astral, a former member of her team, she joined them willingly enough.

(The 1998 scenario was something of a 'grim future' campaign that my friends at Ohio University had worked up while I was gone, back in 1993. I drew my ideas for the Felid enclave from it.)

At 28, Lee is older, wiser, and has a few more pain lines etched in her face. She's changed her costume from brightly colored to black, and wears her flame-red hair braided back. Her green eyes still sparkle with life and defiance, however.

» SANCTUARY: Home to the Felids. More information about this race of cat-humans can be found on their page.


» RAJANI ANIIAR began as a character for a MSH group called the Silver Spades. They never really went anywhere, so I recycled her for a GURPS campaign. Rajani is a mage of high power. The daughter of European gypsies, she was the only survivor when her camp was slaughtered. Penniless and in fear of her life, Rajani fled, feeling pulled toward the west. She stowed away on an ocean liner and made it to America, continuing her trek westward. Finally, in the wilds of Montana, she collapsed, only to be found by a strange old man who taught her magic. The first spell she learned was how to extend her age. Rajani was born in the 1920's, but still bears the appearance of an 18-year-old. Adding to her unusual appearance is her height (only about 4'6") and her long white hair. Rajani took up super-heroing in Babylon City, but was apparently burned to death by a female villain named Ara. Whether she is still alive or not remains to be seen.

» FIREBRAND, a/k/a Lynn Martel. Another recycled MSH character. She's an excitable ball of energy, the kind of person who can do eight things at once and do them well. Lynn is also a big X-Men fan. I initially created her for Arcology, since we occasionally had 'guest stars' drop in. Anyway, she ran around in a GURPS campaign for awhile, but never really went anywhere. Recently, I revamped her costume for the 'Age of Apocalypse' timeline. Lynn, I should note, was created after a dream I had that involved her and Gambit. There is a partial story about this on my Fanfic Page; the story is for adults only.


» MICHAEL DAUGHNESSY used to be your average American whitebread kinda guy. In 1987, he was 23, lived in Chicago with his girlfriend, and played lead guitar in a heavy-metal band called Cacophony. Then his world got turned inside out when an admirer of the band revealed herself to be a Vampire. Alyssa Campbell, of the Toreador Clan, followed Michael to his apartment one night and Embraced him. Since then, Michael sees his unlife as a living hell. He can't be with the woman he loves, and taking the lives of others through feeding is an unappealing prospect. Michael has managed to keep from being too angst-ridden by keeping up his career as one of the best unknown guitarists in Chicago. (Michael also made a guest appearance in one of my Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfics, Into the Mouth of Hell.)

» LOUISA is a Gangrel, an eco-terrorist, who was Embraced in the mid-60's. Owing to the fact that she was only played once, however, she didn't get to be fleshed out too much.

» TABITHA REEVES was born sometime around the turn of the century. She was Embraced at the age of fourteen by this weird old man... and her dying was a slow, painful process, filled with strange visions. Tabitha became, unknowingly, a Malkavian: a Clan characteristically prone to madness. The girl wanders Cincinnati today in a tattered red velvet dress, her long blonde curls ratty and untended. She seems dazed, and those who approach her are either ignored or - if they intend a dark purpose - fed upon. Tabitha cannot recall a single feeding, however. She has an endless fascination with cats and cars, both of whom she talks to; she also enjoys playing chess.


» LIAN Ó MAONLAI, also known as Silverwind, is a Werewolf by nature, Fianna by tribe, and Philodox by Auspice. She was born in Ireland and came to New York at the request of her tribe there. She got a gig performing at Sine A where she met several other of her brethren, and got involved in an unfinished adventure.


» SOLSTICE. I've only played her twice, but had fun coming up with her character concept. Of Hispanic birth, she is illiterate and supports her 6-year old son, Marcus, by working in a factory. My friend Mike had some interesting ideas for a campaign before he moved to Cleveland. Currently, Solstice has gone solo. I played her briefly in a Champions RP-by-email game, in which there were revealed hints that she might be pagan.


» OMARA, a magic-user, was one of the first characters I ever played. Created for a gaming session in sixth grade, she proclaimed to be from Camelot, and eventually ended up with, among other things, a miniaturized crystal pegasus (long story). She did make it to fifth level, and has since undergone some serious revision. Her mini also recently got a repaint.

» ASHLEN STARSWORN. An elven swordswoman, she is a mercenary, quick-tongued and sharp-witted.

» THORN STARSWORN. Thorn, a cousin of Ashlen's, is the daughter of a seagoing Starsworn, and captains her own ship, the Dawnsinger. She disembarked in an odd town that turned out to have zombies and nasty creatures running around; shortly thereafter, her ship got torched.

» SERAFINA BRUSHGATHER is a halfling monk who tramped around with a very motley crew, in a 3rd-edition game run by Tom.

» TASE SHADOWHIDE is a half-elf rogue, an orphan of the city of Torresan. A pickpocket who's up for just about anything, she is currently wandering around with a group who's come to be known as the Bacon Brigade. (I also repainted her mini!)


» KELLAGRA DI'MHOR, my first Star Wars RPG character (and quite likely the first fanfic character I ever created), is a bounty hunter who was only played briefly in a couple of games, so her personality has not been fleshed out too much. She's a hardbitten lifer type, though, who has been alternately paired with a kid ("C'mon, I wanna see the firefight! Pleeeeeeeeze?!") and an Ewok bounty hunter ("Yub yub!" *stab*). Kellagra is jaded and cynical, and at this point in her life is trying to get enough creds together to cash out of the business while still alive. Her motto: Speak fast and carry a big gun. Kell was briefly active again, in a campaign called "Fear and Loathing" with an all-new cast of characters and a revised appearance. (She's now my main character on SW:TOR -- as a smuggler.)

» KIRIN DEEPWATER hails from the 90%-water world of Kullyn. The human daughter of a large fishing clan, she was apprenticed to the 'weird coot' of the local waters, who, despite being a loner, was reputed to be one of the best fishers on the planet. Among other things, the man was beginning to teach Kirin how to use the Force - as he had sensed the Jedi potential in her - and she had come as far as building a lightsaber (blue, of course) when he mysteriously disappeared. Determined to find another teacher, Kirin left Kullyn (against her family's wishes) and hooked up with a smuggler who agreed to let her crew his ship. The pair also gained more crew in the form of a female Dathomir warrior and an Ewok. Imperial troubles caused them to flee to the Outer Rim world of Guon. Along the way, they discovered a grizzled old Jedi named Loki who agreed to teach Kirin, and a Twi'lek dancer, Misila, whom they freed from slavery. Kirin also acquired a dark shadow in the form of a human woman who was trying to lure her to the Dark Side.

» REET AL-RUVA is an escaped Twi'lek dancer who took up smuggling to get by.


» MAGDALEN FRASER, my newest RPG character, is a stubborn Highland Marches woman. The daughter of a rich wine merchant, she was set to be betrothed to her childhood friend, Jamie MacNeil - but the fact that her brothers failed to consider her opinion in this matter did not sit well with her. As Jamie has gone off to Montaigne to seek his fortune prior to the wedding, Magdalen has decided to join him. After all, someone has to keep her future husband out of trouble. And she might get to find out more about the fascinating culture of Syrne along the way.

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