Name: Elizabeth Braddock
Game: ExcelsiorMUSH
Position: Team member of the X-Men
Pictures: None available
Family: Twin brother, Brian Braddock; sister-in-law, Meggan Braddock.


Her beauty is a classical, sculpted thing, the kind seen on the faces of Hellenistic statues. High cheekbones set off evenly set, wide violet eyes, spaced neatly across a delicate bridge of nose. Full lips complement her beauty. A mane of rich violet hair - which, from all appearances, seems to be natural - falls around the oval face; her hair is caught up in a ponytail at the nape of her neck, and tendrils slip down her back.

Her physique is neat and trim, not overblown nor too thin. Her long legs seem poised for walking down runways. She moves with an easy, feline grace, though her demeanor is cool and reserved; she is always a lady first and foremost.

Betsy wears tailored knit slacks in charcoal grey, a neatly-fitting white blouse, and low-heeled pumps. A ring sparkles on one hand.


Elizabeth Braddock was born in 1956, the twin sister of Brian and the younger of Jamie. She grew up as part of the aristocracy of England in Braddock Manor. She was always close to her family. Elizabeth went into a career of modeling and was once named the most beautiful woman in Britain, but this was not to last, as she also happened to be a mutant - a telepath, to be specific. She was recruited by STRIKE for their psi-corps, though after the tragic loss of a close friend, she ended her employment with them. She also served time as Captain Britain while her brother, who had originally taken the role, was held captive by Sat-Yr-9. It was during this period that she lost her eyesight - when Slaymaster, under Vixen's orders, gouged out her eyes.

Betsy went into seclusion for a time, until being kidnapped by Mojo to aid in his 'Wildways' scheme. He also implanted bionic eyes to replace her lost pair. After being rescued by the New Mutants, Betsy stayed at Xavier's school, earning herself a place on the team following a vicious attack by Sabretooth. She became a valuable member of the team during the Mutant Massacre, and stood with them while they were 'killed' in Dallas.

Currently, she is with the X-Men in Australia, thought dead by the world at large. Here, she is free to determine her destiny.


============================= EXM: Excelsior MUX =============================
Name: Betsy                            Alias: psy                             
Full Name: Elizabeth Braddock          Codename: Psylocke                     
Sex: Female                            Age: Old enough to know better.        
Teams: X-men                           Position: Telepath Type.               
Email:      Mail: No unread @mail.                 
On Since: Fri Jun 26 03:06:09 1998     
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Location: Ship -- MedLab                                    
Power: Not Set.
Info: The lovely and reserved telepath of the X-Men. Wait, I'm dead. No
  I'm not!
Plan: I got a plan... do you got a plan?
Note: Due to my player's lousy work shift, I am generally only available
  for RP on weekends, or during the day between 12:00-2:30 pm EST. Sorry.
Quote: Do you think you'd love the world through my eyes?
Idle: 0s  Reason: None.


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