Name: Lighteyes
Game: TwoMoonsMUSH
Position: Solitary Wolfrider
Pictures: Lighteyes Artwork.
Family: None living.


She is a slim, gamine elf, a little under four feet in height. Lengthy, deep auburn hair falls in curled, sun-streaked waves to her waist, kept back in braids and thongs. Leaf-green eyes flecked with brown look seriously at you from a fine-boned heart-shaped face. She wears a cropped halter top with a high neck, laced down the front, in brown leather; similarly colored leggings, baggy and loose but laced tight at the ankles; black sandals; and forearm wraps of a unique reddish-brown hue. The leathers she wears appear to be old and travel-worn. Around her shoulders is wrapped a heavy bearskin cloak of dark fur - also dirty and ragged from what must be Turns of use. Her skin is slightly darker than one would expect of a forest-dweller - just barely sun-kissed.


Lighteyes was the daughter of wanderers, though she never knew from which tribe they hailed. All she knew was that they led a nomadic lifestyle, visiting what seemed like every part of the world to a young cub. Her family was violently disrupted when her parents were killed by similarly wandering humans. It was only through the intervention of her mother's wolf, Wistful, that her life was saved. Lighteyes wandered alone for Turns, lost in the wolfsong, Wistful her only companion. Even the death of the wolf did not jar her from this. It was only her abrupt bonding to a cub who later came to be called Halftrack that reawoke Lighteyes to the world around her. For a Turn or so, she stayed at Ravenholt, but the friendship of the Glider Talyrath was not enough to keep her there. She traveled with the enigmatic LoneWolf for some time, becoming like an older sister to the young half-GoBack, half-Wolfrider. She was caught up in the workings of the Collective, but when their goal was achieved, she moved on once more. Staying near Willowholt for a time, Lighteyes then moved on to Lostholt, and eventually to Sorrow's End. It seems her search for a goal in life continues.


A young male wolf, russet-furred, with cream underbelly and face. He is sleek and lithe, not overlarge.

[Halftrack was missing two toes on one of his forefeet, the result of being caught in a human trap, which gave him his name.]


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