Jaime's History

Jaime Kincaid was born in 2001, the only child of Angela and Carlos Kincaid. Carlos was a manager in a medium-sized Corp. When Jaime was 13, her parents were brutally murdered. The case was never solved; Jaime managed to escape before she could be shoved in a foster home. She spent her childhood on the Street without any adult supervision, learning how to survive. Her natural talent for fixing things soon bloomed, enabling her to earn money semi-honestly. She is a mixture of Hispanic and Asian, but dyes her hair white and keeps it cut short and spiked, in something of a move to reject her ancestry. Nonetheless, she is still upset about the loss of her par-ents, and searches for vengeance against whoever did it -- she suspects it could have been someone in the company where her father worked. After her parents died, everything they owned was lost, except for an antique copy of "David Copperfield" which her mother treasured.

Jaime remains close to Ralph Hausenpfeffer, a grizzled old Nomad who taught her many tricks of the trade in becoming a techie. He even gave her her first set of real techie tools. Overall, though, Jaime is neutral about people, preferring her machines. They don't talk back and their problems are fixable -- and you can use them for spare parts if they aren't.

When she was 17, Jaime was befriended by an older techie who ended up taking the girl off the streets and finding a home for her. Anna Labbracio also found steady work for the young techie, whom she saw as a younger version of herself. Jaime remains grateful to Anna and tries to keep in touch with her, though they have moved apart.

Shortly after getting her own place, Jaime reconnected with a friend from her early school years, Patricia Dannan. Pat now worked in the media as an intern, looking to become a telejournalist. She had a fanaticism for the truth that Jaime found fascinating. Soon, Jaime was tagging along with Pat to crime scenes and story-breaking events. She paid her way by setting up and repairing equipment, often fixing it better than it had been before. Pat found Jaime's help invaluable and began looking for a way to get her employed at the mediacorp.

Then Pat stumbled on what she excitedly referred to as the "story of the century". Jaime could not weasel any more details out of her than that it had something to do with the death of a high-ranking official, corruption, and serious money. Pat asked Jaime to come along on an evening investigation that ended up taking place in the middle of the night in a building that was - technically - off-limits. When Pat attempted to hack into a computer to get some data files, alarms started blaring. The two fled, quickly pursued by the local police. Though they managed to get into hiding, soon the state police were called in as well.

Pat did manage to download some very hot files, which she is keeping in data storage in her skull. Jaime, meanwhile, is along for the ride, fearing for her life, and quickly learning how to use a gun.

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