Devon's History

Devon McAllister was born in 1995, the third child of a large family. Her parents were both executives in the corporation that owned the arcology city where the family resided. She has five sisters: Wynn and Jane, who are older than her, and Emma, Sheree and Hunter, the younger sibs. Though the sisters were always close, there were two "factions" in the household, as Devon and Hunter frequently sided up against Sheree and Jane -- while Wynn and Emma piously stayed out of it.

Often, one or both parents would disappear on "business trips" for days or weeks at a time. No explanation was ever given, and the sisters believed that this was just the way things were. When she was 18, Wynn followed her parents into a corp job. Soon she, too, was involved in mysterious comings and goings.

In 2011, when Devon was 16, her beloved little sister Hunter disappeared without a trace. When it became apparent that no one else seemed to care, Devon became incensed and left the arcology, determined to discover what had become of Hunter. Though she was an innocent in the ways of the street, she quickly gained an education after being robbed and almost raped. Gaining a friend in a cocky, streetwise kid named Catherine, Devon became a fast learner and began her search for Hunter in earnest.

For the next year she developed her Street skills, hunted leads and moved through the jungle of the world. With Catherine at her side, she followed one lead to Night City, and while it proved to be a dead end, the two decided to stay there. Devon managed to befriend a solo named Mario, and began making a name for herself. Though she continued to search for Hunter, Devon -- who soon acquired the handle of "Ghost" -- was getting drawn more into the solo business and enjoying it. The money she got from jobs would go to the purchase of cyberware or weapons for the next job. Devon maintained her friendships, though, both old and new. She also kept in regular touch with her sister Jane, who moved out to Night City shortly after Devon arrived there.

When Jane and Catherine met, sparks flew. The two became lovers in short order, while Devon bemusedly nodded her approval of the match.

Devon was 22 when she was introduced to Jacob MacAver, who held down a steady industrial job. The two hit ft off instantly, and it wasn't long before they became a regular item. Later that year, Devon became even happier when she learned she was pregnant.

But her happiness was to come to an abrupt end. Devon and Catherine were on a job together when they were ambushed (possibly related to the mysterious work of her parents). Though Devon managed to escape, she could not save Catherine, who was killed, her body lost.

Upon learning of the ambush, Jane went a little crazy. She blamed Devon for Catherine's death, and nothing Devon said could change her mind. It didn't help that there was no proof for Devon to offer. Jane began backstabbing Devon, sabotaging jobs and doing everything she could to ruin her sister's rep. She claimed she was trying to give her sister a bad name so that "no more innocent people will get killed". However, since Jane's resources are limited to herself, she hasn't done too much to damage Devon's reputation.

Devon bore a son, Conor. At this point, Jacob began trying to convince Devon to quit the soloing gig. But Devon was insistent on making a better life for Conor. She drove herself to become the best, equippIng herself with the latest cybenvare and tech. Soon she was strung out, and it was only through the intervention of an older solo that she was prevented from going into cyberpsychosis. With his help, she's managed to get her life back under control. Though she continues to take work, she is careful to limit herself to "safe" jobs and tries to spend as much time as she can with her lover and son. She does still have feelers out for any information on Hunter, who turned sixteen in 2020; but aside from the continued contact with Jane, Devon has not spoken to another member of her family since 2011.

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