Channa's History

Channa's Nomad pack was living in an Arcology city when she was young; the Cherokee once again driven from their natural home, which was, in this case, a reservation. She grew up steeped in the legends and determined not to let the same thing happen to her.

Her mother, Terra Two Rivers, who raised the six children after their father, Nathan, died. The oldest is John, who assumed the father role and looked out for his sibs. He cares for Channa and is fond of her. Next oldest is April, who is fairly neutral toward the family & lives somewhere in CA with her husband. Then there is Channa and her twin sister Kendra. They are opposites -- Channa is quiet and serious while Kendra tends to be outgoing & lighthearted -- but they are very close and get along better with each other than with anyone else. Next in line is Michael, a little rebel punker who could care less about the family or its traditions, and, finally, Melinda, who hates Channa because she thinks she abandoned them by leaving to study medicine (along with subsequent events). Ages range from 23 to 30.

Above all, Channa treasures few material things. One is a harmonica her father played when she was young. But the things she cares most about are her sister, the accumulation of knowledge, and people. They are each valuable in their own way. Well, most of 'em.

Channa had a happy love affair when she was 17; it continued for over two years until the lovers grew apart. She still thinks of Robert Alonzo fondly. At 18 she was diagnosed with (an illness) which was, fortunately, treatable; her interest in medicine was awakened at this time and she began to learn all she could about it.

When she was 20, Channa fell in love with Charles DuBois, a "white man" of whom her family disapproved. It became evident that he was insanely jealous if she even spoke to another man, and she was forced to break up with him. He took his revenge two years later, framing her for an incident involving a patient death in the hospital where she then worked. Channa emerged eleven months later with a healthy hatred for DuBois (by now quite the politician).

Somehow she got a favor done for a corp exec - possibly treatment of a loved one at: A) danger to herself; B) no charge; C) a hurried pace. He promised a favor in return; it has yet to be called in.

At age 24 Channa made a friend in Daniel Southriver, an older Cherokee from South Dakota (she met him while visiting her cousin Ianna Storm's wolf conservatory there). He became the father she never had and she feels extreme fondness and familial love for the "old man". The following year, Channa befriended a doctor, Ragnara Tiersdaughter, who would teach her quite a bit about biology, both human and otherwise.

When Channa was 26, her old lover, Charles DuBois, resurfaced but couldn't do more than hollowly threaten her. For her family's sake, however, she decided to move in order to reduce possible risk to them.

Last year, she was going out with a French-Canadian man, Peter Hess, but his uptight family had major problems with him seeing a "savage" and tried to force them apart. They are currently spending time apart, but Channa could easily see herself spending the rest of her life with him...

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