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Torchwood is a television show, a spinoff of Doctor Who, produced by the BBC, created by Russell T. Davies and produced by Julie Gardner. I do not own the characters in the fanfic included on this webpage, nor do I earn any profit from the writing of this fanfic. Like the show, this fanfic deals in mature topics, including slash (male/male situations) and violence.

    » Zombie. Ianto and Tosh comfort each other in the wake of the Brecon Beacons. S1 spoilers.
    » No Regrets. Jack and Ianto dance and talk after the events of "Something Borrowed". S2 spoilers.
    » Overwritten. Ianto Jones never thought it would end like this. S2 spoilers.
    » Five Times. Five times Ianto Jones found Jack Harkness alone in the Hub (and one time he didn't). S2 spoilers.
    » Firsts. Certain moments in relationships are always worth remembering. S2/Doctor Who S4 spoilers.
    » Learning Jack. Ianto's only starting to learn just how much there is to learn about Jack. Pre-S1.
    » For Want of a Button. It was useless to think Jack wouldn't find out. Follows "Zombie".
    » Making Excuses. Ianto and Jack look for any excuse to get out of a tedious presentation. Mid-S2, no spoilers.
    » Meeting Torchwood. Toshiko Sato meets the various members of Torchwood. S1 and S2 spoilers.
    » How Strange the Change. Jack dies at the hands of alien mobsters, and then the day gets weirder. Set after S2, no specific spoilers.
    » Objects in Motion. If this is going to be a relationship, Ianto and Jack both have some changes to make. S1/"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and Doctor Who S3 spoilers.
    » Watchful. Jack is suspicious of Ianto's reasons for working for Torchwood Three. Pre-series.
    » And the Night Would Give You Up. Jack needs distracting. So does Ianto. S2 spoilers.
    » Mutual. Jack needs a reminder that Ianto's alive. S2 spoilers.
    » Turnabout. Jack finds support from an unexpected quarter. S1 spoilers.
    » you can't always get what you want. Ianto didn't get what he wanted. Spoilers through S2.
    » Point of View. Ianto's been experimenting. S2 and minor S3 spoiler.
    » Five Times Ianto Jones Could Have Died (and one time he did). Like it says on the tin. S3 spoilers.
    » Always Take the Weather. A rainy night in Ianto's flat. No specific spoilers.
    » Leave Request. Ianto needs some time off. Set after S2, no specific spoilers.
    » Perspective. Everyone sees Jack and Ianto in a different light. Spoilers through S3's "Day One".
    » From Ashes. Gwen has to pick up the pieces. S3 spoilers.
    » When the Fog's Too Thick to See. Tosh really just wants to help. Set during S2, no specific spoilers.
    » Twelve Hours. After the action, Jack and Ianto attempt to reconnect. Set after "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang".
    » Circles. Jack has to take the long path again. Alternate ending to "Captain Jack Harkness".
    » Playing Hooky. A day at the fair. Tosh, Ianto; no specific spoilers.
    » Every Position Must Be Held. What happened after the kiss. A missing scene set during "To the Last Man".
    » No Place Like. Jack said he'd come back. Set after the Doctor Who Series 4 finale, "Journey's End".
    » Collision. Jack has a heist to pull off. Who better to help him out than the crew of Serenity? Firefly crossover, set pre-series (see notes).
    » Parallel Perception. Jack takes Ianto where he wants to go. No specific spoilers.
    » All in a Day's Work. Ianto's turn. Followup to "Parallel Perception"; no specific spoilers.
    » Three Times. A relationship is hard enough when only two people are involved. Jack/Tosh/Ianto, set after "Something Borrowed".

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